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Open Internet Disclosure Statement

Last Updated on: March 1st, 2020.


Wintelware Systems Inc, dba NuTelSys.com ( “NuTelSys”, “we” or “our” ) provides the following disclosure regarding our network management practices, the performance, and commercial terms of our broadband Internet access service. This disclosure is provided to all 1) customers to make informed choices regarding their use of our services and for content, application, service and 2) device providers to develop, market and maintain Internet offerings.

 Our Service and Performance

We use a variety of technologies to deliver broadband Internet access service to business customers, including Metro Ethernet, Active and GPON Fiber, and Fixed Position Wireless. 

A user’s expected and actual access speed and latency will vary based on network conditions, congestion, other users on the network, the number of devices attached to the service and other factors. Maximum speeds will be limited by these factors as well as the purchased service plan. We use the speed test data, along with other metrics, to help us analyze and optimize our network. In most cases, absent a network outage or other unusual circumstances, actual speeds will exceed 90% of the rate identified in the speed tier corresponding to a customer’s service plan. We make our best efforts to provide our customers with this service level. With the exception of some circumstances, plan, our broadband services are suitable for many real-time applications.


On our broadband Fiber and Wireless networks, NuTelSys blocks some TCP and/or UDP ports that are commonly abused, or that pose a risk to NuTelSys's network security. Customers may opt out of these filters based on technical need by contacting support@NuTelSys.com.

On the wireless broadband network, these ports may be filtered: UDP SRC 68, UDP DST 137-139, 161-162, 445, 1900 and 3702, and TCP DST 137-139, 161-162, 445, 2869, and 5357-5358.

On the fiber broadband network, these ports may be filtered: TCP and UDP 21, 22, 23, 53, 80, 5431, and 30005.

Further, some gateway routers, including those sold or supported by NuTelSys, may have their own default filtering behavior, which may or may not be configurable.

To protect the network and mitigate against damage, NuTelSys reserves the right to blackhole IP addresses that are receiving denial of service (DOS) attacks. NuTelSys uses an automated system that is designed to only block attacks when it is necessary to do so to prevent damage to other customers or the network as a whole. However, in order to block the attack traffic, NuTelSys must effectively take the targeted customer offline. NuTelSys will stop blocking the targeted IP address within 30 minutes of the cessation of the attack.

Please note that the majority of consumer routers and many of our customer CPE run in NAT mode.  NAT effectively blocks inbound ports and protocols unless the customer initiates an outbound connection.  NuTelSys can assist customers with CPE in NAT mode to enable a DMZ port to forward ports and protocols on request.


We do not rate limit any specific protocol, port, or application.  NuTelSys enforces rate limits at the service plan speed the customer has purchased.   When exceeding the service plan rate limit customers can expect increased latency and packet loss.  The rate limit is not specific to any application, port or protocol.

 Affiliated Prioritization:

NuTelSys provides additional bandwidth above the plan rate limit and prioritization for VoIP traffic for customers subscribing to our VoIP service.  Prioritization of VoIP bandwidth is available for other VoIP providers upon request assuming the provider can follow RFC standard methods for designating priority traffic.

 Paid Prioritzation:

NuTelSys has no paid prioritization partners.

Congestion Management Practices:

Providing quality broadband service requires that we take steps to provide reasonable management of our network(s). Subject to reasonable network management, we do not block lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices, nor do we unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic over a consumer’s broadband Internet access subject to our reasonable network management. The purposes for such management are to monitor and to reduce congestion.

Multiple users share upstream and downstream bandwidth on our networks. We do not use automated practices that change traffic or shape traffic based on congestion other than the RFC standard queue management practices, see RFC 5783 and 7567 for further information.  We actively monitor capacity and upgrade network capacity as needed. In many cases, the end user’s experience is unaffected by network congestion, although in some instances customers may experience longer times to download/upload files, slower response during web surfing, lags in playing games online and other effects.

 Application-Specific behavior:

NuTelSys does not have any application specific behavior.

Device attachment Rules:

Customers may attach any RFC standard devices to the network.  Devices attached to the network must not cause harmful interference, harmful traffic, or attempt to compromise NuTelSys or others network security.  NuTelSys reserves the right to suspend any customers service at any time to address security or network issues.


NuTelSys reserves the right to suspend any customers service at any time to address security or network issues. 

 Service Description:

NuTelSys provides a broadband Internet Access Service.  Data rates vary based on the customers selected service plan.  Not all service plans and service types are available in all locations.  Service may or may not be available at any specific location.  NuTelSys, in our sole discretion, determines if service is available at a specific location. 

 Commercial Terms:

Information about our pricing terms is available on our website at http://www.NuTelSys.com.    We also have custom pricing for specific situations. Not all service plans are available in all areas, and we reserve the right to develop custom solutions for our customers. At present, we have no usage-based fees, but we reserve the right to assess such fees in the future. The initial term of our contracts is one year, with a $200 early termination fee. This fee may be waived in certain circumstances. We also offer additional network services, and they are described on our website.

Our service does not involve the inspection of network traffic except as required by law. We reserve the right to monitor network traffic in order to (1) comply with a direct legal order; (2) to assist in the improvement of our systems; (3) for billing purposes. Information collected will not intentionally be released to any outside party(s) unless required by law. We record the following information from visitors to our web, mail, and ftp sites - Date, Time, IP Address, Username, Query, Referrer, and several other pieces of information. The collected information is for our internal use in providing reasonable management of our networks.

If you have questions or complaints about our service, visit our Feedback site. This site reviews our standard procedures for addressing questions and complaints. We have dedicated staff who open trouble tickets for specific matters, and we make every effort to respond on the same or the next business day.