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Project Management

 Professional Project Management Services

NuTelSys project management team has managed the development and implementation of several seamless business communications systems at retail businesses, office complexes, contact centers and financial institutions throughout the Midwest region. Our goal is to achieve a complete customer satisfaction and we strive to achieve it by providing responsive and accommodating service to each and every one of our valued clients.




Project Management Framework

Designed specifically for UCaaS and CCaaS implementations, Our project management framework follows a formal five steps methodology as follows:

  • 1.Program Initialization.
  • 2.Solution Design.
  • 3.System Setup.
  • 4.Communication Support.
  • 5.Post Deployment Support.


 Five Step Project Management Methodology



Project Initialization


  • Scope & Tasks
  • Team & Roles
  • Site survey and gap analysis
  • Technology Assessment
  • Security and compliance
  • Resource Requirements
  • Project plan and schedules


System Design


  • System elements
  • Configuration
  • Network testing
  • System testing
  • Security and firewalls matrix
  • Design Approval
  • System Documentation


Deployment Initialization


  • Site Project Plans
  • User Mapping
  • User Liaison(s)
  • Lead user Training
  • Number porting (if required)
  • End user(s) Training


System Deployment


  • Go Live NuTelSys Support
  • Cloud Software & Infrastructure
  • Phone Numbers
  • Site(s) Connectors
  • Communication equipment.
  • Site(s) Infrastructure
  • End user documentation
  • Site Lead Users


System Support


  • Transition to Customer Support
  • Subscription to NuTelSys Newsletter
  • Software Update Notifications
  • Software Update Installation
  • Infrastructure Update Notifications
  • Infrastructure Update Installations


NuTelSys can guide your projects over the finish line, on time and on budget.



Key Benefits

Key benefits of transition to cloud-based business communications for any size business and any level of complexity are as follows:

  • Focus on strategic initiatives rather than project management
  • Implement mission-critical projects on time and on budget
  • Seamless implementations
  • Proactive risk monitoring and contingency planning
  • Ensured Compliance and Certifications
  • Your team to perform ongoing support via knowledge transfer
  • Maximized productivity




Core Values at NuTelSys


At NuTelSys, we understand Quality is very vital to the success of our business. We are dedicated to the success of our employees. We employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination who work closely with one another and with our clients. We are committed to maintain, at all times, the highest standards of behavior and professional integrity

We, at NuTelSys, Look Forward to Providing our clients the best value for their investment in their business communication systems..

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